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Here’s what we currently have in the works:

Project AI Phishing Assistant

Turning the tables: Employ AI to identify phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are evolving together with AI technology, and we’re here to beat cybercriminals at their own game. Meet AI Phishing Assistant, a browser extension that detects phishing emails. Install it, open an email, scan it, and AI Phishing Assistant will let you know how likely it is to be a phishing scam. It will also point out which aspects of the email affected that decision and tell you what signs to look out for.

Integrates into your browser for a one-click solution.

Analyzes your emails and shows the probability of phishing.

Explains why your email might be a scam.

Link Checker

Check, then click: Instantly identify dangerous websites

Do you know what’s hiding behind a link every time you click one? It could be an invoice, your favorite designer’s website, or your bank’s homepage. But it can also be malware, a phishing attack, or a fake site. Don’t guess which one you’ll get — check suspicious URLs with Link Checker. It’s an easy-to-use website that uses a proprietary machine learning model to analyze your link and tells you if it’s safe to visit. Staying vigilant while browsing is more important than ever — make it easier with Link Checker.

Easy-to-use website: One-click interface.

Analyzes the website and delivers instant results.

Warns you about malware and phishing websites.

File Checker

Safe or sorry? Scan files for malware

From PDFs to JPGs to EXEs, any file you find on the internet has the potential to harbor malware. And once you open one, it’s too late to back out — the latent malicious code immediately gets to work infecting your device. Don’t let trojans, spyware, or ransomware take your online life hostage — scan downloads for known malware signatures with NordVPN’s free File Checker. File Checker uploads a hash of your file to our secure servers, where it’s checked against a live database curated by cybersecurity experts.

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Any file, any platform: Check directly in your browser.

Detects known malware strains in uploaded files.

Easy to use: Get instant results with just a few clicks.

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The double-edged sword of new tech

We are on a mission to push boundaries and explore the threat and promise of emerging technology. That’s why we created NordLabs — a space for our engineers and developers to experiment, innovate, and (fingers crossed) turn concepts into products that make everyone’s online lives safer. 

And we are inviting you to join us — by using these experimental tools and giving feedback, you will help us understand which of them have a fighting chance to keep us safe from digital threats. Some tools will work flawlessly, others may have a bug or two, so expect the unexpected.

Join NordLabs in the neverending fight against cyberattacks, and let's shape the future of technology together.

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